More challenges, more posts, what a shame =b
Guess I just have to take more pictures then.

On to speakcheats foreign word of the day – White

I could just make a post entirely of sculptures from Le Louvre for this theme but this one is by far my favorite.

Speakcheats Travel theme - White

Hard to tell who is alive here and who is merely stuck in place

This one comes from one of the most surreal bike rides I’ve had in Kaohsiung, the fog made everything look so interesting.

Speakcheats Travel theme - White 3

Sometimes nature just gives you pictures like these


English – white

German – weiß

Chinese – 白  “by”

Spanish – blanco

Japanese –白い “shiroi”
If anybody else knows of how to say “white” in other languages, feel free to share them in the comments and take part in the word of the day challenge.

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