Here is the speakcheats to help hack your way to fluency in English.  The list contains words that I’ve come to learn as important from years of  living abroad and hacking languages.

Nouns:  Car,  Food,  Water,  Time(day/month/year),  Money,  (Cell) Phone,  Number,  Person,  Man,  Woman,  Kid,  Doctor,  Thing, Name

Verbs:  Come,  Go,  Be,  Have,  Let,  See,  Hear,  Understand,  Do,  Eat,  Drink,  Buy

Modals: Want,  Should,  Could,  Would,  Will

Adjectives: Good,  Bad,  Small,  Big,  Expensive,  Cheap,

Prepositions:  To,  At,  In,  On,  From,  For,  By,  About

Conjunctions:  And,  Or,  With

Directions:    Up ^ ,  Down v ,  Left < ,  Right >

Pronouns:  I,  You,  He,  She,  It,  We,  They

Question words: Who,  What,  Where,  When,  Why,  How (much, many, long)

Other important words: Not,  Thank you,  Please,  Because,  If,  Then,  Already

Articles:  The, This, That, A (used with words that don’t start with a vowel, a person, a day), An(used when word starts with a vowel, an orange, an eye),

Numbers:  0(zero)   1(one)   2(two)    3(three)    4(four)   5(five)   6(six)    7(seven)    8(eight)   9(nine)    10(ten)

11(eleven)    12(twelve) 13(thirteen)    14(fourteen)    15(fifteen)    16(sixteen)   17(seventeen)   18(eighteen)    19(nineteen)    20(twenty)
21(twenty one, use this pattern for numbers up to 100)   30(thirty)   31(thirty one)    40(fourty)    50(fifty)    60(sixty)    70(seventy) 80(eighty)   90(ninety)

100(one hundred)    101(one hundred one)   1,000(one thousand)    1,000,000(one million)

Colors:   Black,  White,  RedOrangeYellowGreenBluePurpleGrey/Gray

Are there any more words that should be on this list?