What good is a hacking a language if you don’t have the proper tools?  Here are the most useful online dictionaries that I’ve come across.  Let me know of any more dicts or addons that are good.


wordreference.com– Dictionary for English to about 15 other languages with examples and idiomatic expressions.


dict.cc – Dictionary that ranks words for most compatable translation, lots of examples, expanding to other European language pairs.

leo.org– Dictionary with lots of examples, has dictionaries from German to French/Spanish/Chinese/Italian/Russian as well.


jisho.org – My new favorite Japanese dictionary.  Very in depth, easy to use and smartphone friendly

saiga-jp.com/kanji_dictionary– Dictionary with kanji readings, examples.


chinesedictionary.mobi – My new default Mandarin <> English dictionary, shows characters/tones/pronunciation and is designed with  phones in mind.  Only downside, can’t be added to Firefox search bar =/

dict.cn– Dictionary with lots of examples, works well when combined with pera pera kun,


spanishdict.com – Very in depth dictionary, gives the majority of possible meanings a word could have including idiomatic ones.

What’s also convient is that all of these dictionaries can be added to the searchbars in Firefox and Palemoon.   For those learning Chinese/Japanese/Korean and use Firefox or Palemoon, you can use http://perapera.wordpress.com/ to give translations of those languages into English.   Just place your mouse over a word and a bubble with a translation will appear.