Speakcheats foreign word of the day:  Mine

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May as well do an impromptu possessive pronoun lesson while I’m at it

English – My,  Your, His, Her, Its, Our, Thier

German – Mein, Dein, Sein, Ihr, Ihr, Unser, Ihre  (endings need to inflect gender of the noun)

Chinese – 我的,你的, 他的, 她的, 它的, 我們的,你們的  “woah duh, knee duh, ta duh x 3, woah men duh, ta men duh”

Spanish – mi, tu, su (his/her/it), nuestro, vuestro

Japanese – 私の, あなたの, あの人の, 私達の, あの人達の “watashi no, anata no, anohito no, watashitachi no, anohitotachi no
If anybody else knows of how to say “mine” in other languages, feel free to share them in the comments and take part in the word of the day challenge.

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