Spanish Tip 1:

There are a few differences in how letters are pronounced between English and Spanish. Words in quotes are how an English speaker would say the word using the English alphabet. Words in parentheses are the definition in English. Nouns in Spanish have one of twogenders, Masculine (El) or Feminine(La)

/j/ “h”
Trabajo(job)   “trabaho”

/g/ “h” when before an “e” or “i”
Inteligente(Intelligent)      “intellehente”

/ll/ “y”
El Pollo(chicken)   “El Poyo”

/h/ silent, like the H in Honor
El Hombre(man)   “Ombre”

/ñ/ “nio” in “onion” or “nyo” in “canyon”
El Niño(boy)  “Ninyo”